Getting Rid of Fungus Gnats – What is the Best Organic Strategy?

The mosquito-like fungus gnats love laying their eggs not only in damp but also organic matter. Not only do these insects cause irreparable damage to plant materials but also enjoy feeding on plant roots. The fungus gnats come in a wide variety of species, but the good news is that they are not impossible to eradicate. Therefore, what are some of the best ways for getting rid of gnats? It is worth noting that the best method for getting rid of the fungus depends on the location of the infestation (whether outdoors or indoors) and other factors.

Fungus gnats love the following examples of surroundings:

  • sewer areas
  • wet plant soil
  • household drains

Do the strategies focus on adults or larvae?


getting rid of fungus gnats now


It is worth noting that the organic strategies for getting rid of fungus gnats focus on the larvae rather than the adults. A few examples of the types of damages that fungus gnats cause include feeding on plant roots, causing plant roots to lose their vigor and causing plants to develop yellow leaves. Some of plants that respond horribly to an attack by fungus gnats include onion seedlings, leeks and all manner of succulents.

Effective Physical Controls

A few examples of the types of physical controls that help get rid of fungus gnats include the following:

  • Sand, which helps keep the population of larvae under control
  • Vinegar, which is effective in controlling the population of adult fungus gnats
  • Potato Slices, which is effective in controlling larvae
  • Sticky Traps, which is highly effective in controlling larvae
  • Diatomaceous Earth (food grade), which is great for controlling larvae
  • Exercising some caution with watering

Effective Biological Controls

However, it is worth stating that physical control is not the only way through which to get rid of the annoying fungus gnats. A few examples of biological controls that have proven excellent at getting rid of fungus gnats include the following:

  • Hydrogen peroxide for controlling larvae
  • Chamomile Tea for controlling damping-off
  • Cinnamon for controlling larvae as well as damping off
  • Beneficial nematodes for controlling larvae
  • Introduction of natural parasites

The importance of using natural parasites as one of the most efficient methods of getting rid of fungus gnats should be stated and restated. First, the gnats can infest apartment plants, commercial, office, and homes. A constant examination or monitoring of the houseplants should provide credible information regarding the presence or absence of the winged adults. It is n noteworthy that overwatering plants can seem an excellent idea, but only if you do it in such a way that does not encourage infestation by fungus gnats.

Finally, a pest control inspection is highly recommended in places where the need for getting rid of fungus gnats outweighs every other thing. Through the inspection, it would be much easier for you to discuss the best ways of eradicating the population of gnats in house. There is nothing wrong with hiring an expert in the eradication of fungus gnats to get rid of their population from parts of the property where they remain unwelcome and unwanted.


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