12 Ways To Get Rid Of Ants Naturally And Effectively

It is a good morning. Actually, it was a good morning until I saw ants’ armies in my kitchen. Ants? Again? Ants are going to make me crazy and you too, I guess. So, how to get rid of ants? It was the question I asked myself in that morning. This trouble must be ended forever.

Of course, it is easy to use insecticides and get quick temporary results. But do you know anything about side effects of insecticides? Do you have kids? It’s another problem.

There is nothing like depending on chemicals. It’s something such as curing a trouble by another, especially when we speak about insecticides.

Well, is there any natural way to get rid of ants in the kitchen or anywhere?

The good news is: There are MANY ways to get rid of ants in the house naturally and far of detrimental substances in insect control.

Before starting: Know your Enemy


There are many types of ants. You needn’t to know them all. But at least, know the general behavior of all types of ants. It is enough to know the types that bother you or it may do, and that’s it.

Why should I do?

Because the following types are the most common and their danger is limited. So, if you see another type you must ask outside help.

Anyway, they are around 5 types (Google for pictures):

  • Pavement
  • Carpenter
  • Acrobat
  • Pharaoh
  • Odorous

Their dangers include losing food (by them or by you when you throw mixed food in trash), bad view of your house, and of course the horrible bites. To get rid of ants in the house you have to know its behavior well.

Ants live in gatherings called colony. Each colony chooses a location to live and store collected food. Almost in daily basis, colony management sends reconnaissance troops (Don’t laugh, I’m serious) to discover the environment (your house in our case).

Then when they find something that worth, they call their full force to collect their piece of the pie and get back to the colony location (anthill or so).

Follow the Spy

What my grandma said is: Don’t kill the spy. Don’t kill the reconnaissance guy but patiently follow him till the whole colony. Once you find their place, bring your weapons and declare the war. My grandma advised me to destroy the whole colony location to avoid ants coming back.

It is a good idea and I know that. It gives you the feeling of revenge. “I destroyed your house like you did with me”. Yes, I know this feeling well.

But what if you couldn’t find their location and want – at least – to reduce their bothering and even prevent their reconnaissance?

Ok, this is the time of the effective and tested methods in this article. This is the suitable time to know best way to get rid of ants naturally without side effects for you or your kids.

How to Get Rid of Ants in Nutshell

The following recipes are well tested and many of my friends told me about. Try one or more of them and you will touch a good result.


1. Vinegar :



It is even hard for us. What about ants? To get rid of ants in the kitchen, use vinegar. Fill a spray bottle with white vinegar till the half and complete it with water. Spray the places that you saw ants there (Windows, doors, wholes in corners and so). Ants hate this smell. Vinegar is good smell for us and doesn’t harm kids.

2. Alcohol :

Next time you see ants stop them and shout “Hey, howdy? Come and have a drink.”

Ok, it is joke.

Next time you see ants replace vinegar with alcohol, and do the same. I know, you will like that smell though it doesn’t stay for a long period of time. But ants hate it like vinegar or more. It may kill them.

The only two cautions of this method are keeping it (the bottle) away from children or empty it after finishing, and don’t spray it next to a flame source.

3. Aromatic oils to get rid of ants :


Ants hate pungent odors. It makes them crazy, plus it loses him the sense of smell. Some of us like aromatic oils (personally I don’t) and it is good choice for both purposes: Perfuming air and killing ants.

Aromatic oils like mint, clove, cinnamon and camphor oils are very strong smell for ants. Water down any type of them and spray it in the places of ants invading.

4. Spices and Ants War :

You don’t have aromatic oils? No problem. Use the original source of these oils. Plants like mint, clove, cinnamon and camphor are still irritating odor for ants.


Grind a little of one of previous herbs and strew it over the expected places of ants. This was the dry healing. The wet healing is mixing the herb with water in a spray bottle and spaying it in corners and entries.

Also, you can use garlic, black pepper or cinnamon instead.

5. Chalk and Talcum Powder :

Chalk or talcum powder makes a barrier for ants. Ants could never go through a line of chalk or a pinch of talcum powder. (Flour has the same effect)

Make a thick line of chalk around the areas that ants come to. Do the same with powder. Powder will help you more. It will give you the ability to know how ants move and if there is another type of insects in your house.

6. Food Grade DE :

DE is the abbreviation of Diatomaceous Earth. It refers to the fossilized remain parts of marine phytoplankton. It is very sharp against ants. It works as sharp knives and swords against bodies.

Strew DE under cabinet, beside windows, beneath doors, around garbage baskets and where you see ants.

Note: DE works in only a dry condition. Don’t wet it.

7. Cucumber Peels to get rid of ants naturally


If you like cucumber peeled, don’t get rid of peels, because it will be the best natural way to get rid of ants. Believe it or not: Cucumber Peels kill ants. They couldn’t bear its taste.

So, peel some of fresh cucumber. Distribute the peels to the parts you saw ants there. Make sure to replace dry peels with fresh ones in daily basis. Day by day you will notice the disappearance of ants.


8. Sesame Acts like Magic with Ants


“Open Sesame”. It is the magic word you know. But what you don’t know is the magical effect of sesame with ants. Sesame damages the sense of smell for ants. It makes them confused and vagrant. (It is one of my grandma best recipes)

Sesame is a good solution for reconnaissance troops of ants. It deceives them and then they can’t call the rest of colony.

Put enough amount of sesame in a plate near of the places of ants and watch the results.

9. Soda Paste

It’s another home recipe to get rid of ants safely. Soda kills ants, but how to attract ants to Soda Paste? This is the trick. We mix it with sugar.

Here you are the recipe: Mix 1 tablespoon of soda paste with another of sugar. Form the paste as small balls. Put the balls in the areas you saw ants there. Sugar will attract ants to come and soda will kill it.

10. Cayenne Pepper: The HOT Killer

It is one of the most effective ant repellents. Cayenne pepper affects the chemical signals that ants send/receive to locate the places of food or sugar. Ants feel confused and lose their directions.

Mix cayenne pepper with turmeric powder to make a powerful composition against ants. Sprinkle the new mix in the expected places of ants.

Important Note: Don’t use this recipe if you have 6 – 12 months kids. It may harm them.

11. Make it Clean and Fresh with Lemon

Who doesn’t love the smell of lemon? I guess no-one. But ants have another opinion. They don’t like it. Lemon cut off the smell messages between ants. Also, acidic environment of lemon kills ants.



There are many uses of lemon in such a case:

  • Peel fresh lemon and throw the peels in the areas you saw ants there.
  • Put some of lemon drops into ants’ colony place, or rub some lemon juice beside windows, doors and small corners wholes.
  • Cut fresh lemon into small slices and scatter them on the windows and doors, or where you see ants.

Notice: This recipe works well with wet lemon. So keep it wet as much as you can.

12. Liquid Soap :


Soap kills ants. The mix of liquid soap and water suffocates ants. You only need to prepare your weapon (The spray bottle) and the mixture.

Mix 1 tablespoon of dish liquid soap with a cup of water. Spread the liquid along the corners and expected areas of ants or colony.

Another use: Fill the spray bottle with soap and water liquid. Sprinkle it over the ants directly. After 1 minute at most you will see ants’ dead bodies under the soapsuds.

Very Important Note: Each one of above 12 recipes should be used in a daily basis for a certain period of time. You have to be patient. This is the only natural ways to get rid of ants safely.


How to Get Rid Of Ants In A Car :


Your car is a sensitive place to be invaded by ants. I know it’s hard to use all above recipes. But I think aromatic oils, herbs, lemon and sesame are suitable options. Also you can try the following recipes to get rid of ants in your car:

1. Use Adhesive Tape to Get Rid Of Ants

It is effective. Ants are so weak and good types of adhesive tape are good enough to stop them. Use adhesive tape in the places you saw ants invade.

2. Use Insecticides to Get Rid of Ants in the Car

Your car is not a common place for your kids to play. Also, it is not the place you live in. So, you can use insecticides wisely. Do as the follow:

  • Choose the time that you are sure you will not use the car for 2 consecutive days at least.
  • Use a muzzle or a mask to secure yourself.
  • Put the car in the garage.
  • Use the insecticide you chose. (Often, it will be a spray)
  • After spraying it well, tightly close your car.
  • Let it for 12 hours.
  • Go back use the spray again.
  • Next time before using your car normally, open its doors and windows to renew the air.
  • Use it now and you will notice that ants disappeared.


It is easy to get rid of ants naturally by using grandparents’ recipes.  Natural recipes have no side effects, safe for kids, affordable and easy to apply.

Now, you have over than 12 recipes to get rid of ants in natural ways. Try one (or more) of them and till us what did well with you.