How To Get Rids Of Gnats In Kitchen Effectively

How To Get Rids Of Gnats In Kitchen

Even though gnats look harmless, they are actually irritating. In fact, apart from being exceptionally annoying, they at times carry a handful of infectious, and in some cases, dangerous diseases. Despite popular belief, some illnesses such as cholera, typhoid and salmonella can be brought about by gnats. So if you want to know how to get rid of gnats in kitchen efficiently, there are some natural ways you can use. These methods involve the use of natural methods ingredients that are readily available in a convenient store.



For those who like to have some incense burning in their homes, they should know that it is an excellent way to get rid of gnats in your kitchen. Studies have shown that flies, including gnats, do not like smoke. This is probably why you will never find them hovering around used grills. As such, it is advisable to burn incense in your kitchen and its surroundings. Although some people have suggested incense can be substituted for candles, the best option would be citronella candles. These are candles that have been manufactured specifically to get rid of flies and mosquitoes, which means that gnats will avoid their scent like the plague.

Black pepper and molasses

If you have access to black pepper and molasses, you should put the same on a disposable plate or a small dish. The container you choose should be placed outside your kitchen area. It is mandatory to place the dish or disposable plate in an area that you spend the least time. To begin with, the scent from the mixture will attract all flies, including gnats. The stickiness of the molasses works well as a trap as it will ensure the flies get stuck on the dish. Once the gnats are stuck, and there are no more flying around, get rid of the dish. It is one of the simplest ways to get rid of gnats from your kitchen effectively.



how to get rid of gnats in the house


There are specific herbs that can assist you in getting rid of gnats from your kitchen once and for all. Examples of these herbs are elder, mint and lavender. You may opt to plant them in your kitchen garden, or better yet, decorate your kitchen’s interior. Either way, gnats will not go near such herbs.



In most cases, flies breed and / or reside in the trash cans in / around the kitchen. To destroy their home without inconveniencing yourself, try sprinkling borax at the bottom of your trash can. Apart from preventing the flies from breeding, it will deter them from breeding. The result? A kitchen that is free from gnats for a long, long time.



Flies are usually a problem in sunny areas and during summer. If you live in a mostly sunny area, and it is infested with flies (including gnats), make use of potted basil plants. Such plants are helpful in that they can help you get rid of gnats in your kitchen and other areas of your home. Basil has a scent that irritates these creatures. The fact that they are in your kitchen where there are many aromas will not prevent them from being irritated by basil. Some people fail in getting rid of gnats in their kitchen due to lack of watering their basil plants once the pests have left. Consistent watering ensures the plants produce a much active and stronger scent.



Commercial traps and flypaper should be hanged in areas of the kitchen where the flies seem to spend majority of their time. Furthermore, you can opt for a quick solution by using a flyswatter as this ensures the irritating flies are killed instantly.


Water bag trick

The majority of people do not know that the water bag method actually gets rid of flies. To use the trick in getting rid of gnats in your kitchen, place a penny in a Ziploc bag that is filled with water (preferably half full). Hang the bag in a location where the flies are known to frequent. Exterminators have confirmed that the pests will see the bag as a spider web or wasps’ nest due to their poor eyesight. They will undoubtedly avoid the area as a result of the danger involved.


There are chemical solutions one can use to know how to get rid of gnats from kitchen efficiently. It is, however, advisable to try one or several of the above-mentioned methods before considering the use of chemicals.